Culture and Heritage

Kota and the surroundings is a treasure trove of culture and heritage with impressive forts, palaces, temples, miniature art in abundance. The old city provides us an insight into the traditional way of life, which is hard to find in the modern metropolis. We at Kota trails will be pleased to offer you and specially the youth an essence of true Indian culture.


A major tourist attraction in Kota is the 'Garh Palace'. This magnificent complex, also known as the City Palace, is built in a predominantly Rajput style of architecture. The palace was built by different rulers of the Rajput dynasty at different times in history. Situated within the walls of the Garh palace, Maharao Madho Singh Museum houses a splendid collection of Rajput miniature paintings of the Kota school. Visitors can spend hours taking in the fascinating sculptures, arms, and other prized antiques.

Heritage Citywalk

Our old city is a treasure trove of the bygone era. It is a cultural fountain which will be felt by you in one way or the other. Old kirana shops, pansari, parchuni, rangreez, silversmiths, goldsmiths, ice factory, quaint tea shops, pre-independence era sweet and namkeen vendors and the list goes on.

The old city is a perfect example of harmony and mutual respect between all communities. There is a temple at every corner, prominent mosque and a century old church. Intricately carved Shwetamber Jain temple is a sight to behold. During the entire walk, you will always be gainfully occupied. Lot of queries regarding the real India will be answered here.


Bundi is a spellbinding town with narrow lanes of blue houses, lakes, hills, bazaars, and a temple at every turn. This town is dominated by a beautiful palace rising from the hillside above the town. Though an increasingly popular destination, still quiet and quaint in comparison to an important tourist destination, it has the magical atmosphere of the bygone era.


Once a part of Kotah state, Jhalawar was carved out in 1838 by the British. It is about 70 km from Kota which makes it a day excursion. UNESCO world heritage site of Gagron Fort is adjacent to the city. The small temple town of Jhalarapatan is spellbinding with narrow lanes, old merchant houses, shops, colorful street vendors, and the beautiful temple complexes.

The famous Sun Temple is predominant part of this interesting town, this is the only temple in Rajasthan built on the konark style.

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